Vienna à la Carte

Vienna is different ... So are my tours!


Starting with the classic Vienna visit – along Ringstreet/ Boulevard, walk downtown, sites in the vicinity – I offer you specific tours to get the feeling of Vienna today: tailor-made for your background and wishes! I guide since decades various guests - schoolchildren, teens, artlovers, VIP and „the individual“ – and my intention is to make you discover something to relate to your specific visit, to make it enjoyable and unforgettable. I am able to guide in four languages without having a prepared text translated; it will always be something special for your taste.

Take a look at my suggestions and get in contact with me for further arrangements.

An Introduction: Vienna for Beginners

This tour leads us around the former imperial residence Hofburg, offers stories of past and present, introduces various museums and possible sites to visit. Along old lanes and famous shopping streets we reach the Cathedral, center of the oldest part of Vienna: thus you get orientation and maybe know where and what to intensify during the next days. Start from Opera House along well known paths and unknown lanes, finish at the Cathedral.

Meeting Point:: Opera House, main entrance below arcades on Ringstreet

Hofburg, the Imperial Winter Residence & Silver- and Porcellaine Collections

My tour wants to enlighten you on feudal life and procedures. We will visit the well known Museum of Empress Sisi and learn about her whims and lifestyle; then examine her companions‘ reality: Franz-Joseph‘s apartments will explain his punctilious world of ceremonials versus reality.
The same entrance ticket gives us the chance to experience procedures for invitations, during meals and dressballs:
- what a collection of different porcellaine! Pieces from Meissen to Limoges, from du Paquier to Augarten and Minton.
- some of these are priceless masterpieces and prove the economic exchange along Silk Road, from „white gold“ and it‘s uniqueness to common tableware.

Meeting Point:: entrance from Michaelerkuppel.
Extra Fees: tickets for museum vor Ort

Schönbrunn - Apartments & Carriage Museum

You may choose: either the exquisite 18th interior of Maria Theresia and her husband Franz-Stephan of Lorraine or the longer path along the Austro-Hungarian rulership of Franz-Joseph.
Schönbrunn park and apartments are UNESCO Heritage, they include unique pieces from earlier centuries, the whole setting is exceptional. One of the additional attractions is the Carriage Museum: I will guide you in this collection, one of the finest worldwide!
You will experience the changes in travel behaviour and social tradition: pleeding steps to reach the high bodies of coaches, hidden toilets inside, boxes for whigs or tophats, thoughtful protections for lakai and driver, stitched decorations and how to ship them upstream …. A long list of duties, procedures and expectations.
You will also discover why our cars today look as they do, when and how springs and rubber tires were developped. Many technical devices will also interest the younger generation.

Meeting Point:: Schönbrunn main entrance at model for sight impaired
Extra Fees: guide fee & entrance ticket according individual demand

Freyung & Abbey of the "Scots"

This walk takes us to the beginning of Austria as an independent country in the 12th century: privileges given to the Babenberg Family also bring the Irish monks to Vienna – and they create the individual confession but are badly transcribed as Scots to this day!
What are the attractions in their museum?
What is the story behind this square called Freyung?
Why do we continue into the Knights‘ Lane?
What happened 1848?
What is the secret of Palace Ferstel?
While zigzagging through the courtyards you discover with me the answer to all these questions…

Meeting Point : in front of Scottish Church
Extra Fees: in case of interior visit, museum ticket

Spittelberg: baroque past relating to Otoman Siege

Suburbs surviving from the 18th century …

Starting at Volkstheater – a marvellous institution for „modern“ theatre interpretation – we stroll along tiny roads and their legends:
- where once you found Otoman tents, you distinguish individual boutiques and productions
- where only the „dark side“ of life was celebrated, you experience excellent cuisine in backyard passages
- revitalised by the city municipality, it is today the hub for contemporary art
Come with me to discover stories of people and buildings

Meeting Point: monuments at the side of Volkstheater

Theatermuseum: temporary home for Hieronymus BOSCH

The famous State Hall of the Lobkowitz Family is still used for performances, the side wings exhibit some of the unique stage settings, costumes and personal belongings of theatre celebrities. The huge collection may offer only small sections in temporary exhibits: a constant dorado for theatre lovers!
The former palace is now hosting an additional attraction, it is the temporary home for the Academy of Fine Art: a delicate assembly of Bellini, Bosch, Guardi, Rubens and others; precious and exquisite examples for the students‘ need! Where else could you enjoy walking around a Bosch Triptych?
Enjoy with me this fabulous experience …

Meeting Point: entrance to Theatermuseum
Extra Fees: museum ticket

Treasures offside limelight

My special tours include also the:
- Marble Hall of the National Library and St Augustin Church
- World Museum with its international collection from imperial excursions
- Armour Collection
- Globe Museum