Johann Strauss

Jewish Vienna

Vienna is different ...
My Tours are different too!

Would you like to know who was Viennese and got into trouble for his/her religious belief?
Viktor Frankl
Viktor Gruen
Paul Lazarsfeld
Nataniel Rothschild
Franz Werfel
Billy Wilder
My walks will include their fate and relate to many others – not only celebrities!

Jewish Families and their History

Varnhagen and Rothschild, Arnstein and Pereira, Altenberg and other celebrities left marks in Vienna‘s downtown: our tour will start at the Monument against War and Fascism, will pass sections of Hofburg and talk about the relations between ruler and citizens, sponsors and receivers alike.
Various sites along the path like the Jewish Museum, the National Library, the Cathedral Square, Holocaust Memorial, Synagogue ….
Many memories and legends remain with us, until we finalise on Morzinplatz.

Meeting Point: Memorial Albertinaplatz

Jewish Museum & Excavations

The only survivor of his family, Max Berger, bought any Jewish utensil from the market after WWII; the intention was to save history and pieces. The Jewish Museum of Vienna is a restart in the former banking house Arnstein & Eskeles and exhibits the development of our Jewish history and whatever remains of the former collection. All objects by Max Berger form a major part and explicitly show the best pieces.
During the last decades many initiatives were taken, including the excavation of the medieval Temple on Jewish Square: the Vienna Guide Association collected and supported sponsorship and published reports (UNESCO Magazine). Later this spot was chosen to create the Holocaust Memorial.
Come with me and learn about this important part of our history; each year we have more dsicoveries and new material.

Meeting Point: Albertinaplatz Monument
Extra Fees: museum ticket